What to Do Before Coming

There's plenty to do and learn in Uganda once you arrive, but to make sure everything goes smoothly and you actually make it into the country we've created a little checklist to help out.

Get Vaccinated

Make sure you budget some cash for your vaccinations before coming. Some of the recommended immunizations are also recommended in most parts of the world, so its a good idea to be up to date on them anyway. You can find all the recommended immunizations here.

Get Your Yellow Fever Card

When getting vaccinated for yellow fever make sure you collect and do not lose the document that proves you've been vaccinated for it. Immigration will not let you into the country without this! Keep it with your passport when going through immigration.

Start Your Anti-Malarials

Most anti-malarial treatments will need to begin before getting in country. Talk with a doctor about which treatment is right for you, and if you need to get enough pills to start your treatment and a few days in country. Once in country, go to a pharmacy in Kampala or Entebbe and buy the rest of the treatment there to save some serious cash.

Apply for an E-Visa

An E-Visa will soon be the requirement for anyone traveling to Uganda. We recommend using this process (which as of now is less expensive, although more work) before coming if not just for the peace of mind (and shorter line at immigration). You can learn more here.

Pack the Right Things

Make sure you pack the right essentials and don't weigh yourself down with the wrong ones. Long and short term people always seem to load themselves down with things they regret bringing.  We've made a packing list to make sure you learn from our mistakes!

Register with Your Embassy

U.S. Citizens are encouraged to register their visit with the Embassy in Uganda, so they can send you updates on the latest safety information and have a record of citizens in the country should something horrible happen.  You can register here.

Learn More About Uganda

There is a lot you can learn about this country before you enter it that will make your trip go much smoother for you and everyone else involved.  Being sensitive to the culture here, as well as knowing how to get around are things you don't have to learn the hard way because we've already done that for you.  Learn about Uganda.

Plan Your Trip

Uganda may seem like a small country, but it's hard to see it all in one trip.  Plan your visit and make sure you get the most out of your time (and don't spend it all in the bumpy dusty car) by checking out these recommended trip itineraries.

Go and Enjoy

This country has so much to offer.  Hop on the plane and enjoy every second from the time you get off the plane and smell the unique scent to the time you wave goodbye.  It may push you out of your comfort zone at some points, and maybe challenge some ideas you have about the world, but there is a lot to love and its unquestionably a trip worth having.  See more about what you'll experience in Uganda.